Sustainable and 100% natural fresh pet-food producer Bark Park Dubai awarded with BIOPAP® compostable trays

Sustainable and natural fresh pet food producer Bark Park Dubai has been awarded with the ANIMALIA PET INDUSTRY AWARD 2022. We gratulate Jan Almheiri for her strong commitment and passion to pet well-being and for her vision and determination as a women entrepreneur.


BarkPark is producing and delivering freshly cooked natural pet food in fully sustainable and compostable BIOPAP® trays through semi-automatic BIOPAP® Easy System. Pet food is hygienically top-sealed into BIOPAP® compostable containers and delivered to customers deep frozen to keep the best nourishing properties for the animals. Thanking to their extreme heat resistance, BIOPAP® trays are used deep freeze and store the fresh pet food. When needed, BIOPAP® Packs are then defrost at room temperature or in microwave ovens or in traditional oven and then served to our “best friends”. Once used BIOPAP® trays are disposed with food kitchen waste and turned into valuable compost to be used back into agriculture.

Compost mixed with soil helps to improve water retention and soil quality reducing the need of artificial watering and non-renewable fertilizers.

Bark Park in Dubai offers also complete services for Pet well being, training and resting services with the maximum care for the animals and for the environment. We wish Bark Park ( further success in its expansion as more and more customers throughout the Emirates are enjoying the best quality and environmental performance of the concept.