Unique and Patented BIOPAP® MAP tray launched at the Italian Pavilion EXPO DUBAI 2020



BIOPAP® was proudly officially presenting on the 16-03-2022 its new ground breaking patented innovation BIOPAP® MAP at the Italian Pavilion EXPO DUBAI 2020.

Organized by ITA (Italian Trade Agency) in this prestigious frame, 9 selected SME with core focus on sustainability, have displayed their spear head specific know-how to the community and local investors.


BIOPAP® has been selected for its patented cellulose-based food tray suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging, biodegradable compostable and recyclable, resisting from -80°C to 145°C.


4 years of intense R&D development have led to both a material and converting technology development featuring, high Oxygen barrier, Gas tight sealability, heat  resistance to microwave and traditional ovens though being fully compostable at industrial scale with CIC certification.


BIOPAP® MAP is a new frontier in food preparation and service allowing best organoleptic food experience, longer food shelf life without preservatives and food waste reduction.


Another big step towards sustainability for the food industry bringing renewable, non intensive raw materials to accompany food hand in hand in preparing, sealing storing, reheating and serving it. BIOPAP® MAP allows best consumer convenience. Furthermore BIOPAP MAP offers high  product differentiation through natural touch and feel, optimal communication with printable surfaces and perfect end-of-life in compost, turning a waste into a local circular resource.