BIOPAP® MAP nominated for the CFIA 2023 Innovation Award

The nomination of BIOPAP® MAP patented trays for modified atmosphere packaging to the CFIA 2023 innovation trophy is a further confirmation of BIOPAP®’s capacity for innovation and of our structured presence in France.

We are proud and happy about this result among more than 100 innovations with a resounding echo in all specialized media.

As part of our ongoing R&D, we have developed a new material and manufacturing technology to achieve large-scale production of the first recyclable and EN 13432 compostable paper-based food tray suitable for sealing and preservation of food in  modified atmosphere.

BIOPAP® MAP was chosen as a finalist by the prestigious CFIA Jury in the « Packaging Section », for the innovation that it brings to the food industry in terms of technical, environmental and sanitary performance.

With BIOPAP® MAP trays we offer to the ready meals sector many advantages such as ease of use for consumers who can use them from the refrigerator to the microwave and traditional oven up to 145°C. An ideal container to heat the food and consume it in the tray without using a plate and then having to wash it, thus wasting water and time. Moreover, the very high oxygen barrier guarantees long shelf life and reduces food waste, one of the main ways to fight against climate change. BIOPAP® MAP, a powerful impact in terms of touch and visual naturalness, thanks to the possibility of external printing that brings the quality and brand of fresh food preparations to the consumers’ table, avoiding over-packaging.

With BIOPAP® MAP, the leading players in the food industry now have the possibility of having in their hands a decisive and essential element to enhance the value of their products and to participate with commitment in the transition towards more natural, healthy and truly eco-responsible renewable packaging.

Michelangelo Anderlini – Biopap® President and Co-founder