BIOPAP® Cones for Street Food

    BIOPAP® sets sustainability in the new happy life style of street food with SnackOne and ConeExpress.
    BIOPAP® cones are:

    • practical, easy to fill and easy to use
    • fat and grease resistant
    • unavoidable for French fries, chips, sandwiches, pop-corn, fried fishes, salads, fruit salads, cakes, Danish pastries etc.
    • biodegradable, recyclable and compostable according to EN 13432:2002
    • ideal for organic food and ethnic specialities
    BIOPAP® Cones for Street Food

    SnackOne is delivered assembled and ready to use: thanks to its sealing system it is particularly grease resistant.  Its flap helps keeping food warmer for a longer time and its pocket allows cutlery and serviette to be easily at hand.

    ConeExpress can be easily assembled and is available in two sizes.

    BIOPAP® Cones for Street Food


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