About Us

    BIOPAP® is the result of our commitment: a patented food packaging concept, resistant to extreme temperatures range, issued from renewable, non-food, biodegradable and compostable raw materials.

    Our supply chain is totally European and sustainable.

    Thanks to its unique properties BIOPAP® is ideal for preparing, cooking, baking, deep-freezing, conserving, re-heating and consuming food.

    We only use electrical energy from renewable sources, produced mainly from our own solar power plant. We continuously invest in innovation through research & development in order to improve our products and our process.

    Our new buildings were designed by bioclimatic architects (Natasha Pulitzer and Sergio Los – (www.synergiaprogetti.com) and built by using only natural and recyclable materials such as wood and stone, in order to minimize energy consumption both in air conditioning and lighting.

    The architectural guidelines have been:

    * energy saving thanks to project and materials
    * well-being at workplace with great attention to spaces and lighting by making best avail of natural light through window positioning. Attention was also paid to:

    • surface temperatures of materials exchanging energy with the human body;
    • minimization of dust circulation by using the natural movement of air inside the building instead of forced ventilation;
    • solar energy and light management by optimizing the shape of the building and windows

    Structure out of PLS blocks (reinforced concrete with mineralized wood in autoclave at 300°C)

    Lighting: natural light reflected from surrounding roofs and diffused inside the building.

    Floors out of granite stone and birch

    BIOPAP Office
    BIOPAP Office
    BIOPAP Office
    BIOPAP Office

    Family orchard and fruit garden behind the buildings: an approach anticipating the metropolitan gardens as a part of sustainable urban vision.