Biodegradable, compostable and recyclable BIOPAP® LP trays

    BIOPAP LP® Line of compostable food trays has been developed to be used from freezer to all kind of ovens and are eco-friendly. Issued from sustainable raw materials, our supply chain is totally European and totally environmental friendly.
    BIOPAP® trays are a hygienic solution for preparing, cooking, baking, deep-freezing, transporting, conserving, re-heating and consuming food. Our various shapes and sizes cover all requirements for the different professional applications.
    BIOPAP® LP trays can be printed outside in order to bring the brand and quality image of the content up to the consumer’s table.

    BIOPAP® LP trays can be used both in microwave and in traditional oven up to 215°C for 40 minutes for cooking or re-heating food.
    Trays can be sealed with cardboard lids (type TS) or film through manual or automatic thermo-sealer machines. They can also be closed with hard manual lids (type CR or SL).
    The practical hard lids TS, CR and SL can be used in all type of oven (microwaves, electric, gas) thus protecting the oven walls from getting dirty. They also enable to stack the trays in order to optimize the space in the fridge.

    Extremely versatile, BIOPAP® LP trays are mainly used in gastronomy counters, take-aways, frozen meals, catering and food industry.  Ideal for organic, gluten-free, macrobiotic and vegan products: at last a food tray coherent with the newest food style!

    BIOPAP® LP trays and hard lids TS, CR and SL are biodegradable, recyclable and compostable according to EN 13432:2002.
    Ideal for waste reduction: after use they can be disposed of with the recyclable papers (if clean from food traces) or directly in the compostable kitchen waste. BIOPAP® LP trays can also be incinerated.
    BIOPAP® system: hi-tech, practical and ecological!

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