BIOPAP® Easy-Catering, One for all, all for One

    What does it consist of?

    1 sealing frame, 4 BIOPAP® Trays  to cover all catering needs for complete meal solutions in a sustainable way.

    The BEC System:

    BIOPAP Easy-Catering offers 4 trays with 1 and 2 compartments, from 441 + 654 ml to 1545 ml that can be top sealed
    with film or hard lid with one single sealing frame. No frame change on the heat sealing machine or production line, its
    BIOPAP® Easy catering : change the recipe, change the tray and go on sealing. No more set up-time, just concentrate
    on meal preparation.

    4 BIOPAP® Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable food trays with the same outer size 190 x 247 mm with 4 meal/filling options:

    • SI 14    1240 ml
    • SI 16    654+441 ml
    • SI 21    545+545 ml
    • SI 20    1545 ml


    BIOPAP® Easy Catering is biodegradable, compostable, Recyclable.
    It fulfills the highest standards in terms of circular economy,
    with rawmaterials originating from well managed European forest, with a low impact production process and best End of Life waste

    • Compostablewith food waste in industrial composting according to EN 13432 CIC certified
    • HOME Compostable with other kitchen waste according to OK COMPOST Home Certification
    • Suitable for Anaerobic Digestion for bio-methan production
    • Recyclable with paper with A Rating according to Aticelca MC 501-2017 UNI.


    BIOPAP® Easy Catering can be top-sealed with Desk Top electric or pneumatic machines or with professional pneumatic, hydraulic or servo automated sealing lines with both film or hard lids.

    All catering service scales are possible.

    BIOPAP® Easy Catering trays can be deep-frozen down to -80°C in Liquid nitrogen tunnels without becoming brittle, stored form -35°C to +5°C and re-heated or baked up to 175°C in traditional or microwave oven.

    BIOPAP® Easy Catering can be top sealed with the Easy-Open MT hard lid to offer superior robustness of the packaging in transport and restaurant handling, self-opening vents during the re-heating process, differentiated re-heating open to allow moisty or crispy re-heating, easy-opening function form the end user, outstanding tray stiffness in use for operators and consumer safety and function.