Biopap® trays for ready-made frozen meals

    BIOPAP® containers are also highly appreciated in the frozen ready meals sector, differentiating and enhancing natural products and premium products through packaging that offers functional and environmental value to consumers.

    They can be used from the small artisan laboratory to the food industry that uses automatic packaging lines.

    the trays can be placed in flow-packs or sealed in top-seal with compostable film or with compostable BIOPAP® rigid lids that can be customized with the customer’s brand to further increase consumer loyalty.


    The advantages:

    • Convenience: it is possible to defrost and cook in both microwave and traditional oven;
    • Low environmental impact and easy to dispose off with food remains directly in compostable waste;
    • Based on renewable raw material from well-managed European forests that respect biodiversity and do not use chemical fertilizers;
    • Drawing customers attention towards environmental issues and separate waste collection.