Biopap® trays for frozen delivery (Cook & Freeze) in today’s eco-conscious catering industry


    The new line of Biopap® LC trays meets the needs of today’s eco-conscious caterers to convey frozen meals (Cook & Freeze).

    This system (typical of collective catering) serves the delivery of meals from the cold stores to the place of consumption: school’s canteens, hospitals, company’s canteens etc.





    Biopap® LC trays are perfectly suitable for hot or cold filling, blast chilling and freezing (even in cryogenic tunnels at over -72°C). The great thermal resistance of Biopap® trays gives the possibility to regenerate meals at temperatures from 154°C to 185°C depending on the application






    • access to tenders aiming at sustainable food containers;
    • Easy waste disposal: Food waste and container are disposed in the organic bin;
    • money saving in terms of total cost of the catering system (container and disposal costs);
    • low environmental impact tackling the global problem of waste;
    • Improves compost quality;
    • use of renewable supply sources from sustainable, certified European forests respecting biodiversity (no use of chemical fertilizers);
    • hard lids with easy-opening system;
    • very resistant to low temperatures:
    • easy use on automatic and semi-automatic sealing machines:
    • printable: Biopap® tray is printable and carries the brand and the advantages up to the table of the consumer;
    • reduce fluctuation in raw material prices;
    • Promote of consumer’s awareness in circular bioeconomy;
    • Both containers and lids are printable;