BIOPAP® trays with Easy-Clip lids (CT)

    BIOPAP® Easy-Clip is the professional, hygienic and sustainable solution for home and take away

    Our system:

    4 compostable BIOPAP® LC trays satisfying all needs:

    LM-04 LC: 455 ml for side dishes, casseroles, fruit salads and desserts (1 portion)
    SI-17 LC: 595 ml for side dishes, main courses, casseroles, fruit salads and desserts … (1/2 portions)
    LM-05 LC: 865 ml for a classic main course … (2 portions)
    LM-02 LC: 1500 ml for a large main course or composed dishes … (3/4 portions)




    Few seconds to apply clip-lid on Biopap® tray.

    Practical and versatile

    Biopap® trays can be re-heated in every type of oven (traditional and microwave) and stored in freezer and fridge. They can be easily used as a dish for ready use reducing waste and washing.

    Sustainable and easy to dispose of

    Obtained from renewable sources. Biopap® is fully compostable, so it can be easily disposed of in organic waste. (CIC EN 13432 certified)

    Our trays are recyclable (A class Aticelca MC 501/2017 certified) and if recycled, it should be rinsed.