Wrapping Paper – BIOPAP® Wrap

    Our wrapping paper BIOPAP® Wrap is biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. It is ideal to wrap up, cheese, fish, meat and delicatessen. It is a unique product, semipermeable, enabling a better conservation in the fridge especially for cheese and meat.  It is the preferred choice by organic gastronomies and by all sustainability oriented players, a real alternative to the usual non-compostable lined paper.
    With BIOPAP® Wrap meat preserve its colour and perfume and fresh cheese preserve its softness. Our paper is also thermo-sealable in order to assure a better hygiene and longer conservation.

    Wrapping Paper – BIOPAP® Wrap

    BIOPAP® Wrap is:

    • grease-resistant
    • moisture-resistant
    • recyclable, biodegradable and compostable according to EN 13432:2002
    • printable on the external side

    BIOPAP® Wrap is available in 2 sizes, packed in practical flapped dispenser boxes to preserve hygiene:

    • cm 35 x 25 – 2.000 sheets (Printed green Biopap, 4 languages)
    • cm 35 x 50 – 1.000 sheets (Printed green Biopap, 4 languages)
    Wrapping Paper – BIOPAP® Wrap


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