Sustainable development

    Sustainability is our guide and ongoing commitment.

    This was already our vision, over 20 years ago, when we developed and industrialized BIOPAP® compostable food containers, positioning ourselves as a sustainable alternative to traditional food packaging made from non-renewable raw materials.

    We operate in total sustainability with our biodegradable and compostable BIOPAP® containers that withstand from the freezer to the oven using 100% electricity from certified renewable sources for all our production sites. Already in 2009 we installed the first photovoltaic systems on our roofs. The share of self-produced renewable electricity overall exceeds 70%. All our industrial buildings have ZERO CO2 emissions. Our historic building, designed in 2005 according to the principles of bioclimatic architecture, remains at the forefront of the industrial sector, using only natural materials such as wood, lamellar wood and stone for its construction. The shape and architectural composition allow us to maximize the use of indirect natural light and reduce energy needs in all seasons. The internal volumes, surfaces and climatization systems increase internal well-being.

    Our raw materials are continental and come from Northern European forests, among the most pristine environments on the planet. They are renewable, non-agricultural and non-intensive resources, they do not use pesticides, fertilizers and irrigation. We only use cellulose from certified well managed forests that preserve biodiversity. A natural, abundant, local and ever-growing resource. BIOPAP® is PEFC and FSC certified and 100% of our production is PEFC certified. Our choices are always oriented towards minimizing the environmental impact, from material design, to the supply chain, in our production and the disposal design of our packaging solutions. We are also at the forefront in this field with 100% LED lighting and control of presence in the rooms. The innovations implemented on our proprietary production system and air conditioning system have allowed us to reduce the electricity consumption per unit produced by 63% compared to 2018.

    We have a totally European supply chain, we guarantee security of supplies and food safety to the highest standards.

    Our production is also ZERO Waste. All trimmings and production waste are sent directly to a partner paper mill to be recycled into new packaging paper and take on a new life. Products with small non-conformities or defects are selected and donated to charitable activities for social catering.

    Naturally High Tech food containers, Eco-Designed with the aim of minimizing the consumption of raw materials (fit for purpose) and energy (energy efficient), conceived and studied specifically for professional catering processes and the food industry, which improve the operational efficiency in process and in service, the organoleptic quality of the products, also allowing economic savings while strongly reducing the use of non-renewable resources.

    BIOPAP® containers for storing, transporting, reheating and cooking prepared food are an excellent example of circular economy:  food packaging solutions produced from renewable resources, used to prepare, convey and consume food, being compostable without separation from food rests, then turned into compost which returns back to agriculture replacing non-renewable chemical fertilizers. This transforms waste into a precious renewable resource that helps agriculture to improve agricultural yields in a natural way, reduce costs, fight climate change, ground erosion and desertification allowing higher water retention and filtering power and enhancing natural microorganism varieties in soils. We guarantee biological circularity in an endless circuit that is continuously renewed.

    The Lice Cycle Assessment (LCA) carried out over the entire life cycle, cradle-to-grave, from the upstream supply chain to the disposal of containers once used, shows a minimum reduction in C02 emissions from BIOPAP® containers (Climate Change Impact) by more than 2/3 compared to plastic containers of similar dimensions and functions (PP). A further great contribution in the commitment against climate change from which all users can benefit.

    We continuously dialogue with the entire supply chain, upstream and downstream with an ecosystem approach, to identify and solve problems together and make solutions effective, applicable and long-lasting.

    We also dialogue with schools, training bodies and universities to open up innovative and sustainable industrial activities to young students and disseminate ethical and responsible business models. We actively participate in training and information events with schools and host internships and Master of Science in co-operation with local universities.

    Listening and having an open relationship with our customers-partners allow us to draw continuous ideas for improvement. We are excited about innovation. We never stop our creative process with the aim of providing solutions that improve the efficiency of processes, allow a reduction in operating costs, increase the quality of the food products and services offered, introduce full sustainability and circularity. Over the last 20 years we have filed for 20 patents, on average one patent every year of activity.

    Already today we guarantee among the highest sustainability levels:

    – 100% Electricity from renewable sources ( over 70% self-produced on site avoiding grid losses)

    – Annual reduction of 220,000 kg of CO2 for the energy used alone

    – Over 66% less climate-altering emissions using BIOPAP® containers compared to similar plastic containers

    – Minimum 97% BioBased Raw materials from renewable sources

    – We develop and produce only OK compost Home and CIC EN 13432, certified compostable food containers with no compromises100% of PEFC certified production

    – ZERO-CO2 emission Plants

    – ZEROWaste production Plants

    – ZERO-Process water Plants.

    Since September 2023 we have taken a new step which is a further commitment to the community. BIOPAP has become a Benefit Company which has integrated our visionary way of doing business into the company’s Statute and Governance to give a concrete and lasting example of what it means to do business in a sustainable way, the very and original essence of an enterprise where de social dimension is the engine of the economic dimension and where “US” comes before “I”.