Professional compostable disposable plates BIOPAP® LP

    Finally a disposable dish with a fully European supply chain and without PFAs, made in Italy to satisfy the most demanding professional catering applications for eco-friendly services in school canteens, company catering and outdoor events.

    Following the demand of our major professional caterers, keen on reducing geopolitical risk and  safety risk and willing to focus on a fully European supply chain we developed a pulp based disposable plate with the highest performances now available on the market, moisture resistant, grease resistant, stiff but light in order to save precious natural resources and reduce weight in transports.

    Our biodegradable catering plates are coming from renewable resources and well-managed Northern European forests where the highest environmental standards are the rule and there is no use of fertilizers, pesticides or artificial irrigation.

    Our disposable plates are biodegradable and compostable, they have been designed with structural engineering criteria to obtain the highest stiffness with the lightest weight. We have inspired our design from the classical architecture cupola with reinforcement ring. They have a very pleasant shape with a natural and soft touch and feel.

    In addition to outstanding stiffness, BIOPAP® LP compostable plates are also temperature resistant. They are suitable for hot filling and can be re-heated in microwave oven and traditional ovens up to 130°C. BIOPAP® biodegradable plates hold the same stability and the same stiffness also at their highest operating temperature. This improves safety in both service and use.

    The meal keeps its temperature longer in BIOPAP® professional catering plates because of the natural insulating properties of the pulp-board structure.

    The special reinforcement ring also allows easy clips transparent covers to fit on. This offers an easy way to move safely and hygienically meals from one area to another.

    Using BIOPAP® LP plates greatly help catering operators to reduce the total cost of operations by making waste collection easier and cheaper. Our biodegradable and compostable plates can be directly collected with the kitchen and service waste saving sorting and cleaning time. Moreover the single collection of only compostable waste significantly reduces the waste collection bill. The specific structure of BIOPAP® biodegradable plates allow them to easily fold and crash in the compost pile reducing the total waste volume and accelerating the degradation process.

    BIOPAP LP disposable plates are the sustainable technical solution for eco-friendly catering services.


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