Biopap® trays for fresh meals in ATM

    Biopap® trays may also be used to pack ready-made meals in flow pack when using the ATM system.
    This type of packaging is often used in the fresh food counters, where the consumer chooses and takes the tray himself.
    This packaging type grants extended visibility and a longer shelf life for the product.

    Once the package is open, the consumer can heat or bake the food directly in oven or microwave without using additional baking trays or pans.

    Printability: possibility to print on the surface of the Biopap® trays in order to customize and strengthen the communication of the brand up to the dining table.


    • Versatility: you can defrost and bake in any type of oven;
    • Utmost hygiene;
    • Easy waste disposal: Food waste and container are disposed in the organic bin;
    • low environmental impact tackling the global problem of waste;
    • Improves compost quality;
    • use of renewable supply sources from sustainable, certified European forests respecting biodiversity (no use of chemical fertilizers);
    • reduce fluctuation in raw material prices;
    • Promote of consumer’s awareness in circular bioeconomy;
    • Both containers and lids are printable;