Biopap® trays for packing of organic meat

    Biopap® trays are particularly suitable to pack bio-meat.

    This type of packaging is often used in the fresh food counters. The thermosealing with transparent film gives a high visibility of the product, which is a very important aspect when choosing meat.

    Another important aspect is the content, which is coherent with the packaging: organic meat in an organic pack.

    There is also the possibility to print on the surface of the Biopap® trays in order to customize and strengthen the communication of the brand.


    •  Better food presentation: bio-meat in a bio-tray;
    • Single-use containers that guarantee hygiene;
    • Easy waste disposal: Food waste and container are disposed in the organic bin;
    • low environmental impact tackling the global problem of waste;
    • Improves compost quality;
    • use of renewable supply sources from sustainable, certified European forests respecting biodiversity (no use of chemical fertilizers);
    • reduce fluctuation in raw material prices;
    • Promote of consumer’s awareness in circular bioeconomy;
    • Both containers and lids are printable;