Product certificates

    OK Compost Home compostability certificate,
    edition D (2012.03.02)

    OK Compost HOME for BIOPAP® LP trays (2023.02.14)

    Certificate of compostability EN 1343:2002 CIC Compostability

    Full Compostability of BIOPAP® at AMSA Milano.


    Showcase of large scale biowaste management best practice. Turning a waste into a resource.

    PEFC Certificate

    Recyclability test

    Recyclable with Aticelca® 501 paper – UNI 11743:2019 – Level B for Biopap® MAP

    BIOPAP® compostable food containers are 100% visually inspected through our innovative, automated, high-definition camera inspection system. Additional safety for the product, additional comfort for production operators.


    BIOPAP® Trays automated 100% visual inspection system

    V-LABEL VEGETARIAN Certification