Let’s take care of our beautiful planet!

Happy World Earth Day!

As we celebrate our beautiful planet and strive for a greener future, let’s reflect on the impact of plastic pollution and the steps we can take to combat it. Did you know that every second, 15 tonnes of packaging waste are produced worldwide? Or that a staggering 300 million tons of plastic are manufactured annually, half of which is used for single-use items?

But amidst these alarming statistics, there is hope. We have the power to make a difference by embracing sustainable alternatives like BIOPAP®’s certified biobased, compostable, and recyclable food containers.

Our unique, patented food containers, made from cellulose only and free from plastic, are a tangible step towards eliminating plastics and microplastics from our food chain and the whole packaging industry.

Let’s pledge to take concrete actions today. Whether it’s eliminating plastic from production processes or choosing eco-friendly options in catering, let’s lead the way towards a plastic-free future. By doing so, not only do we protect our environment, but we also foster innovation and competitiveness in our industries.

Together, let’s honor Earth Day by committing to a cleaner, greener tomorrow for generations to come.


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