HOFMANNs wins the Award “Lighthouses of Sustainability 2024” with BIOPAP®


    Congratulations to HOFMANNs for the award “Lighthouses of Sustainability 2024” received at the Altenpflege Messe for its outstanding commitment in Environmental protection with our innovative and sustainable Biopap® packaging solutions.

    We are proud to be part of this brilliant achievement, which is the result of our mutual commitment and long-lasting cooperation.

    Sustainability is an attitude and a steady commitment. Only acting together we can have a positive impact on climate change.

    Thank you HOFMANNs !

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    BIOPAP® nominated at SaudiFood Manufacturing 2024

    We are happy to announce that BIOPAP® has been nominated for the prestigious Excellent Award for the Best Packaging Innovation Category at SAUDIFOOD MANUFACTURING 2024.


    📍 Hall 1, Stand E1-46 in ITALY AREA

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    Let’s take care of our beautiful planet!

    Happy World Earth Day!

    As we celebrate our beautiful planet and strive for a greener future, let’s reflect on the impact of plastic pollution and the steps we can take to combat it. Did you know that every second, 15 tonnes of packaging waste are produced worldwide? Or that a staggering 300 million tons of plastic are manufactured annually, half of which is used for single-use items?

    But amidst these alarming statistics, there is hope. We have the power to make a difference by embracing sustainable alternatives like BIOPAP®’s certified biobased, compostable, and recyclable food containers.

    Our unique, patented food containers, made from cellulose only and free from plastic, are a tangible step towards eliminating plastics and microplastics from our food chain and the whole packaging industry.

    Let’s pledge to take concrete actions today. Whether it’s eliminating plastic from production processes or choosing eco-friendly options in catering, let’s lead the way towards a plastic-free future. By doing so, not only do we protect our environment, but we also foster innovation and competitiveness in our industries.

    Together, let’s honor Earth Day by committing to a cleaner, greener tomorrow for generations to come.


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    Increase composting for soil health and climate action

    A very interesting recent study by Jane Gilbert highlights the great potential of enhancing biowaste collection and composting in the fight against climate change and for the whole farming-food sector in the UK.
    Soil health can be improved in several ways, including the application of quality compost which increases organic carbon levels and improves crop yields. Research has shown that repeated application of green waste-derived compost resulted in an increase in soil organic matter of between 20-25% compared to a control group over a nine-year period. It would seem logical that UK policy should seek to maximise the use of compost to boost the health of agricultural soil. This is not happening.

    The new research has conservatively estimated that the potential market demand for compost for arable land is 22 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa). The potential demand is 19 million tonnes per annum greater than the current 3 Mtpa of compost that is currently manufactured across all four nations. It is also 16 Mtpa greater than the amount that could be theoretically generated if there was a more supportive policy context.

    At BIOPAP®, we have been forerunners 20 years ago in developing and producing only compostable high performance food packaging solutions for professional catering applications and ready-made meals. Our aim was to give performance and convenience in service and full biological circularity with food rest coming back to agriculture with a never-ending cycle. With the City of Milan and Amsa, BIOPAP® Compostable food trays for school catering and catering services are collected without sorting with food waste and transformed into compost in the state of the art 100.000T/year plant. A European best-practice that can be extended in the UK to all schools, hospitals and elderly houses catering services.

    Our latest patented self-supporting BIOPAP Genius Meal Tray® will further boost this opportunity by improving operational efficiency, organoleptic properties and the quality of the meal served. Let’s work together to make it happen.

    Sustainability is a common goal that need multistakeholder commitment.

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    Read more 👉🏻 2024+The+Soil-Food-Biowaste+Policy+Disconnect+Jane+Gilbert


    The future of packaging is Biobased: BIOPAP®’s pioneering vision

    A very clear Post published few days ago by the US Department of Agriculture highlights the present trend towards Bio-based food packaging for which we, at BIOPAP®, have been forerunners and drivers already over 20 years ago.

    “A seismic shift is underway in consumer behavior as individuals increasingly recognize the environmental consequences of their choices. From the carbon footprint of packaging to the lifecycle of products, buyers are scrutinizing the ecological impact of the items they bring into their homes and their lives. This heightened awareness is not confined to a niche demographic; it spans generations, indicating a collective awakening to the urgent need for kinder, gentler consumption.

    Several factors contribute to the rise in consumer awareness regarding environmental impact:

    • The Information Age––The advent of the Information Age has empowered consumers with unprecedented access to information. With a few taps on a smartphone, buyers can unravel the intricate supply chains of products, uncovering the environmental practices of the companies behind them.
    • Social Media––Social media platforms serve as powerful amplifiers for environmental causes and organizations. Advocacy groups, influencers, and eco-conscious individuals use these platforms to spark conversations that resonate with global audiences.
    • Corporate Transparency––Companies are under increasing pressure to be transparent about their sustainability practices. Consumers demand accountability; companies that proactively share information about their efforts foster greater trust and loyalty.

    As consumer awareness about environmental issues expands, so does the demand for eco-friendlier products and principles. Biobased products, derived from renewable resources, have emerged as a tangible solution for consumers seeking to minimize their environmental footprint.

    The surge in consumer awareness is not merely a trend; it is a force driving systemic change. When more individuals choose products with lower environmental impact, businesses respond by adopting more sustainable practices. This cyclical relationship creates a positive feedback loop that can reshape entire industries.

    While the growing demand for biobased products signifies progress, challenges remain. These include the need for standardization in labeling, ensuring that consumers can make informed choices, and addressing potential greenwashing—where products are falsely marketed as environmentally friendly.

    At the same time, these challenges present opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and education. As businesses and consumers navigate this evolving landscape together, the potential for positive change is immense. Ideally, consumer purchasing power serves as a catalyst for transformation, ushering in an era where sustainability is not just a consideration but a prerequisite. The consumer is no longer a passive participant; they are the impetus behind a green revolution that holds the promise of a brighter, more sustainable future.”

    At BIOPAP® we have been the engine behind this positive trend developing for over 20 years high performance food packaging solutions, trays and lids from well managed forests, the pristine biobased and non-intensive source. Our Dual-Ovenable food trays offer a reduction of almost 70% in CO2 emissions compared to similar functions and sizes PP trays. We eco-design all our applications based on our proprietary materials and technologies with a clear end of life: the full compostability with food rests allowing operational savings, consumer convenience and biological circlularity. Biowaste based on the collection of food rest and food waste together with certified compostable food packaging enhance biomethane and composting plants yield and turn waste into a valuable renewable resource to be used as a fertilizer in local farming replacing non-renewable fertilizers.

    A never-ending natural circle benefiting nature, farming, consumers, waters. Why waiting. Let’s move together towards natural circularity: we have the experience and the know-how.

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    Let’s celebrate the National Biobased Products Day

    At BIOPAP® we have been concretely investing in sustainability for over 20 years.
    We produce our innovative recyclable, biodegradable and compostable BIOPAP® trays from certified and renewable raw materials in our CO2 0-emission production plants.

    Vision and experience, constant commitment, innovation for the common good to build our sustainable future today, without delegating responsibility to future generations.

    All BIOPAP® food containers are USDA Biobased Product certified.

    Let’s celebrate the together!

    Thanks to USDA BioPreferred Program who, like us, invests, believes, proposes and spreads this vision.

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    Read the article  👉🏻 https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/from-farm-table-promise-biobased-food-packaging-ivgye/?trackingId=qwf%2F9bgISeTnVNDDEwPf3w%3D%3D


    Biopap®: Pioneers of Benefit Corporation principles before the concept existed

    The concept of Benefit Corporation has gained increasing recognition and popularity as a way of doing business that seeks not only profit but also a positive impact on society and the environment. However, there are companies that embraced these principles long before they became a widespread trend: Biopap® pioneered the integration of Benefit Corporation principles even before the term was coined.

    In a recent article, Massimo Folador on Avvenire emphasizes Biopap®s founding with a genuine ethical mission, guiding every decision and action taken by the company since its inception.

    What distinguishes Biopap® as a Benefit Company even before the very concept of Benefit Corporation existed? The answer lies in the company’s DNA: from the outset, Biopap® incorporated into its corporate vision the idea that success should not be evaluated solely in terms of financial profit but also based on the positive impact it generates on society and the environment.

    Biopap®’s story serves as a compelling example of how profitability can coexist with ethical values and a commitment to sustainability. While the concept of Benefit Corporation continues to gain traction in the business world, companies like Biopap® lead the way, demonstrating that economic success can align with societal and environmental well-being.

    Dedication to sustainability permeates every aspect of Biopap®’s operations, from the production process (utilizing PEFC certified raw materials, zero-emission, zero-waste production, and reduced energy consumption, sourced from 100% renewable sources) to fostering eco-conscious choices beyond production. Whether through partnerships with educational institutions or community initiatives, Biopap®actively promotes awareness of eco-sustainable practices.

    In an era where consumers and investors increasingly prioritize the societal and environmental impact of their actions, Biopap® stands as a shining example of how a company can thrive while remaining socially responsible. Its success not only inspires but also encourages other businesses to embrace sustainability and social commitment, fostering a brighter future for all.

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    Read the full article 👉🏻  https://lnkd.in/db8J_UjG


    BIOPAP® Winner of the ADI Packaging Design Award 2024

    BIOPAP® Winner of the ADI Packaging Design Award 2024, a collaboration between ADI and the MARCA Fair in Bologna.

    The award went to BIOPAP GENIUS MEAL TRAY®, the revolutionary multi-compartment, highly efficient, compostable and entirely circular meal tray.

    On the second day of MARCA Fiera Bologna, the judging panel motivated this important award as follows:

    A company research aimed at the total elimination of plastic materials with a view to high-performance paper containers. An equally significant aspect, in addition to the technical elements, is their contribution to the redefinition of a food distribution process in hospitals, RSA facilities and the catering sector.

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    BIOPAP S.r.l. Benefit Company ” 2024 Growth Champion”!

    The German Institute for Quality and Finance ITQF and La Repubblica Affari & Finanza newspaper have once again listed BIOPAP® in the top 800 most dynamic Italian companies, recording the greatest economic growth of the last three years.

    It is a high recognition that makes us proud of our constant commitment and our ability to create innovative food packaging solutions, strongly oriented towards concrete sustainability, which always create added value for all stakeholders.


    👉 La Repubblica: https://rb.gy/rjbj1z


    BIOPAP® becomes BENEFIT Company

    2024 begins with a decisive step towards complete Sustainability
    We are thrilled to share with you important news: BIOPAP® is now officially a BENEFIT Company!

    “With the transition to a Benefit Company, we want to contribute to the construction of a community oriented towards environmentally socially sustainable development. This reflects our long-term vision and commitment to generate value for the entire community, and foster a positive supply chain,” says Maria Teresa Brassiolo, Board Member, and Co-founder of BIOPAP®.

    BIOPAP is recognized for producing sustainable, compostable, and biodegradable food containers with unique features of circularity and performance. Massimo Folador, CEO of Askesis Società Benefit Srl, who has accompanied BIOPAP® on this journey, comments: “BIOPAP® has been a Benefit Company since its inception, due to the ethical business choices and sustainability efforts made over the years. Today’s formal decision represents a natural progression, and above all a testimony to its community.”

    The innovative legal instrument of a Benefit Company, provided by Italian legislation, involves an analysis of the company’s characteristic values, the definition of the Common Good, and a modification of the corporate statute with specific commitments regarding governance, purposes, and reporting.
    “For these reasons, we have chosen the transformation into a Benefit Company. We believe that this is a strong and lasting commitment that best represents our business vision,” declares Filippo Rossi, Co-Founder, and Board Member.

    BIOPAP® has always been committed to minimizing the environmental impacts of its activities through reduced resource consumption, zero CO2 emissions in its production process, zero waste, and the use of raw materials and energy exclusively from renewable sources. Similarly, it is socially active both internally and externally to promote local employment, the quality and safety of work environments, the exchange between schools and industrial activities, and the development of talents in young students.

    “The transition to a Benefit Company is a natural step for BIOPAP® and aims to be an active testimony and an example to promote and rediscover the commitment that every business must have towards society and the environment. Thanks to all the members who have approved this path, to the Askesis team, and to all colleagues and collaborators who have actively participated in meetings, share, and animate this spirit every day,” concludes Michelangelo Anderlini President, and Co-founder.

    Thank you for being a part of this important transition towards a more sustainable future.