Compostable BIOPAP Genius Meal Tray® Wins the 2023 HOST Smart Label Recognition by and FieraMilano

BIOPAP®’s Revolutionary System for Sustainable Catering in Communities, Cafeterias, Hospitals, and Institutions Awarded by HOST

Settimo Milanese, September 1, 2023.

BIOPAP® leader in the production of fully compostable food containers, continues to receive recognition for its innovative products. The BIOPAP Genius Meal Tray® system of trays has been awarded by the judging panel of the HOST Innovation Award, promoted by Fiera Milano in collaboration with, in the Green SMART Label category, which is reserved for technological and socio-environmental innovations. The award ceremony is scheduled for October 13th this year during the HOST Milano exhibition at FieraMilano.


BIOPAP®’s patented revolutionary system, the Genius Meal Tray®, allows for the use of a single integrated and fully compostable meal tray to prepare, store in a refrigerated environment, heat, and serve a complete meal, including appetizers, main courses with side dishes, and desserts/fruits, with one section being hot and the other cold. This innovation translates into a significant reduction in the time required for meal preparation, distribution, and collection. At the end of the service, the BIOPAP Genius Meal Tray® is directly sent for composting along with any food leftovers, eliminating the need for additional handling during collection.


This system makes the management of meals for communities entirely circular, thanks to a fully biodegradable tray certified as compostable according to the UNI EN 13432:202 standard, made entirely from natural cellulose-derived materials. This new approach optimizes both time and service costs, reduces food waste, and returns organic components to agriculture by initiating composting, completing the cycle with a positive environmental impact.


For over 20 years, BIOPAP® has been a global leader in the development and production of high-performance food containers, entirely Made in Italy, compostable, recyclable, and sustainable. Their products stand out for their unique circularity and resistance performance at both low and high temperatures, made from certified renewable raw materials.


“BIOPAP Genius Meal Tray® represents a revolution in meal distribution in communities, optimizing production, distribution, and collection times, reducing food waste, and improving the quality of life for operators and end users,” said BIOPAP® President Michelangelo Anderlini. “We continue our commitment to sustainability and innovation, providing our customers with genuinely new, efficient, and cutting-edge solutions, all while caring for the environment.”









The Award Ceremony in the Green SMART Label Category will take place on October 13th at HOST



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