BIOPAP® and GHELFI ONDULATI for Melinda®, innovative and compostable fruit container

A biodegradable, compostable fruit container with extendable features able to pack fruits of different calibers, re-usable at home to cook, preserve and re-heat food. This is the result of the partnership between BIOPAP® and GHELFI ONDULATI with a new Patent* and a new product family for fruit and vegetable application focussing sustainability and circular economy. This compostable container usess also the most innovative ink-jet printing technology with water based inks to enhance users capabilities to interact with the product and the brand offering out standing customers’ experience. The patented GOOD container is issued from renewable raw materials and sets a new benchmark in fruit packaging: not only product protection but creative and virtuous re-use at home, in the kitchen and then easy to dispose off into compost, ready for an endless life into nature. Functional, Environmental Friendly, Communicative, Circular, GOOD containers are engineered and produced in Italy with a totally European supply chain, with a strong thought to our future and to sustainability. Who else than Melinda® the Italian leading fruit brand standing for Excellence and Sustainability would have been the preferred partner to launch on the market this innovation?


*Patent Pending IT102018000009662